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Wine Cellar Floors

Floor Preparation

When thinking about the flooring for custom wine cellars, you should remember that as part of a climate controlled room it must be prepared properly. This is an area that some people make the mistake of ignoring when creating a wine cellar in their home. If the floor in your cellar is above ground, you must add the same vapor barrier and insulation that you do to your walls and ceiling. Remember, the wine room must be wrapped up tight like a package. If your floor is on a cement slab which rests on the ground, you can get away with adding a vapor barrier only to the cement before applying your floor covering.

We recommend a product called Bostic’s MVP4. It is a Moisture Vapor Protection that is applied with a trowel and left to dry before adding your floor on top.  It is usually available at your local hardware store. Once the moisture barrier is in place, you can add a plywood base or add your flooring directly on top of the vapor barrier.

Flooring Materials for Custom Wine Cellars

What you use for your actual wine cellar flooring material is up to you, as long as you stay away from anything resembling carpet. Carpet or carpet-like materials can mold or mildew in the higher humidity of a wine cellar. Slate, stone, tiles of many materials are fine in a wine cellar. Be careful of wood flooring unless it has previously been aged in a humid environment.

For a particularly special looking custom wine cellar floor reclaimed wine barrel flooring is an excellent choice and becoming more widely used in wine cellars. It is oak and made by master craftsmen from real oak wine barrels that are between 6 and 50 years old. Because these barrels previously held wine, the wood has already been exposed to extreme humidity levels. The barrels are sent through a process that implements a variety of specialized techniques to create an olde world style product line. The flooring can be glued or nailed over an area that has been prepared with a vapor barrier.


Three separate styles are available. The Cooperage flooring is made from the barrel head with all of its patina, cooperage stamps and special markings. The Wine Infusion flooring is made from the inside of the wine barrels where the wood has been naturally stained by the wine during the maturation process. The Stave flooring is created using the outside of the wine barrels. When the outside hoops are removed they leave behind distinctive markings and texture.

The wine barrel flooring is a statement of style and brings the history and aged beauty of wine into the personality of your wine cellar. A real conversation piece, this reclaimed wine barrel product is also available in drop-in ready tabletops and counter-tops.

Cork flooring is another great way to create a wine cellar floor. It is durable and very inexpensive. It is what you call a “floating floor” installation. Cork flooring comes in tongue and groove pieces that snap together and are held in place with a simple molding. Several styles, patterns and colors are available.

Both reclaimed wine barrel flooring and cork flooring are very unique and obvious ways to say “this is my special and unique wine cellar”.

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Custom Wine Cellar Builders Contractors & Installers Chicago Illinois

Custom Wine Cellar Contractors Chicago

Naperville is a smaller city just outside Chicago Illinois. Interestingly it has been voted as a best place to live in the United States several times, even at one time making it to the number two best place to live position. As a smaller U.S. City with a population around 142,000 (2010) it is actually quite an affluent city with numerous corporate headquarters located in the down town area. Surprisingly in a 2010 article, Naperville was named as the wealthiest city in the Midwest!  As Custom Wine Cellar Builders it should be no surprise therefore that we maintain a local presence of Wine Cellar Contractors in Naperville, Chicago and Illinois generally.
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