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Newly Completed Remodeling of a Texas Commercial Wine Store

High density great looking commercial wine racks improve sales and margins in specialty wine stores. Commercial wine displays are required to look great, maximize inventory, and present wine choices in compelling ways.

High quality wine displays often increase lead generation.  As with this project for the Wine Down Wine Market in Flower Mound, just a few miles north of Dallas in Texas, you notice the impact of really good commercial wine racking in the perceived quality of the stocked wine.

Commercial Wine Cellar Design Dallas Texas with Aesthetics

Since the wine store was intended for both wine storage and wine tasting, the wines are very selective.  In connection with this, we created a custom wine cellar design that can accommodate 3,398 bottles.

Flower Mond Wine Store Combination Commercial and Residential Wine Racks - Height Differences make a Beautiful Design

Flower Mond Wine Store Combination Commercial and Residential Wine Racks – Height Differences make a Beautiful Design

Combination of commercial and residential wine racks with height differences can be used in a wine store to make a beautiful design. This is what we did in this Flower Mound Dallas Texas custom wine cellar project.

On the left side wall, we used a residential quarter round wine rack, followed by a solid X-bin storage, a 2-column retail stack, and another solid X-bin. For smooth transition from the left wall to the back wall, a round corner rack that is 4-bottles wide was used.

On the back wall, there are solid rectangular bin storage racks with a height of 84 5/16 inches, followed by a 3-column retail wine rack, solid residential X-bin, horizontal wine racks, another 3-column retail wine storage rack, and horizontal wine rack.

On the front of the 3-column retail stacker are display ledges. On the horizontal wine rack where the ledge goes all the way across, the wine bottles are stacked on top of each other. (photo)

Among the racks on the back wall, the solid X-bin is the shortest. Horizontal wine racks, vertical bins, and a 3-column retail wine racks were also used on the back wall.

We created attractive center pieces with commercial round island wine racks. This is a great way to maximize floor space and wine bottle count and provides customers easy viewing of wine labels. So, if you’re planning to build your own commercial wine cellar or highlight some vintages in your restaurant or hotel, choose round display racks.

Commercial Round Island Wine Racks in Wine Down Dallas Texas Wine Cellar

The Wine Rack Material – Knotty Alder

The overall appeal of a wine storage room is determined by the material used for the wine racking. The chosen wood material for this project was unfinished knotty alder.

This wood species created a rustic feel in this commercial custom wine cellar in Wine Down Wine Marker Flower Mound TX. The small knots that can be found in knotty alder wood are very appealing too. In addition to beauty this is a sought-after wood in wine cellar construction, it is affordable, versatile, and resistance to rot.

See more photos of the Wine Down commercial custom wine displays  taken before the grand opening commenced.

                              Wine Down Commercial Wine Store, Flower Mound Dallas Texas


 Left Side Wall Wine Racks

Quarter Round Display Rack

Quarter Round Display Rack TX

2-Column Retail Wine Rack Dallas TX

Texas Curved Corner Wine Rack


Back Wall Wine Racks


Wine Racks on the Long Back Wall

Wine Racks on the Long Back Wall of Dallas TX Wine Cellar

Solid X_Bin Wine Rack

3-Column Retail Wine Rack











Stunning custom wine displays in commercial wine stores will increase sales generation. This is why choosing the right Texas wine cellar builder is really a must if you want to ensure that you display your wines in a stunning way while allowing customers to have easy access to your wines.

Watch the video of our project below:

Commercial Wine Racks – Dallas Texas Wine Store Project.

This Flower Mound Dallas Texas commercial wine store shows another remarkable craftsmanship of our designers and installers at Wine Cellar Specialists. Contact us now at 866-646-7089 or request a 3D wine cellar design by clicking here.