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Turning an unused storage closet into a 700 bottle wine cellar...

Home residential owners think that a large room is needed to have an efficient storage space for their prized wines. With the help of a professional, a small room can be converted into your dream wine cellar. Wine Cellar Specialists has completed a conversion project with excellence. An unused pantry closet was turned into an exceptional Texas wine cellar that can store 700 bottles.

A Pantry Storage Closet Transformed Into a Functional Texas Wine Cellar

Williams closet wine cellar Texas

TheVview Outside the WIlliams Closet Wine Cellar

In Frisco, a city located in Collin and Denton countries Texas, wine collecting has been a favorite hobby of many homeowners.

The Williams chose Wine Cellar Specialists to turn their unused closet in the pantry into a beautiful wine cellar.

The room has ceiling height of nearly 11 feet. It had shelves on the three walls and a solid door.

We started the closet wine cellar conversion project by assessing our client’s functional and aesthetic requirements.

Doing this will ensure that the finished wine room can store the owner’s wines safely and impressively.

3-Dimensional Drawings

3D wine cellar design Texas wine cellar

Plan View 3D Drawing of Williams Wine Cellar Texas

We created a 3D design for our client to visualize the overall appearance of the cellar.

The drawings include three elevations of the wine racks: elevation A (the left wall), elevation B (the back wall), and elevation C (the right wall).

After the owner approved the drawings, we started the installation of the wine cellar components such as the racking, cooling system, and door.

Preparing the Room for Construction

upper back wall Texas wine cellarWe removed the existing shelving, walls, and ceiling. We rewired the room for two LED recessed ceiling lights, LED display row lighting, and an LED puck light above the arch in our racking design.

We added a dedicated power source to the exterior of the home for the condensing unit. All lighting is on separate dimmable switches that are hardwired.

We used closed cell foam in the walls and ceiling for our vapor barrier and insulation that is required when constructing a cooled wine cellar. We added our green board, a moisture resistant wall board, to the walls and ceiling. The walls were textured, primed, and painted a color chosen by our homeowner.

The Custom Wine Racks

The racking is a big factor that contributes to the aesthetic appeal of a wine storage facility. When designed and installed properly, your wine racks will create an impressive display of your collection. The Williams chose to go with Knotty Alder racking and leave it unfinished.

Left Wall

custom wine rack design_Williams Texas wine cellar left wall

High Reveal Display Row and Grill Cover and Box for the Cooling Unit

The left wall, which is elevation A, is made up of individual bottle racking intended for 750ml bottles. It has a high reveal display row with a light valance where we positioned our LED lighting.

The top section of the left wall is where the RM2600 ductless split system is installed. We made a grill cover and box to hide the cooling unit, achieving a clean look.

Back Wall

Left and back wall show racks in unfinished knotty alder Texas wine cellar

Knotty Alder Wine Racks – Left and Back Wall Texas Wine Cellar

The back wall is the elevation B. It begins with more 750-bottle storage above the solid arch.

The arch has an opening for the LED puck light. It can be used to store a few bottles vertically, and other accessories such as decanters and wine glasses.

The tabletop is an eco-friendly feature of the cellar. It is made from “Cooperage” style reclaimed wine barrels. Cooperage makes use of the planks from the outer parts of the barrels.

Below the tabletop is double deep racking to accommodate six wood cases. Case storage is ideal for collectors who buy wines in bulk.

Right Wall

Texas wine cellar horizontal racking holds 750 size bottles above the tabletop level

Texas Wine Cellar Horizontal Racking Holds 750 Size Bottles

The right wall, which is elevation C, is installed with solid horizontal racking. The top section is for 750ml bottles. The bottom section from the tabletop level is intended for Magnum size bottles, but can also accommodate standard bottles.

The row ends with a mini quarter round wine rack near the door. This storage rack contains small shelves that can be used to store a few bottles that the owner wants to highlight. Stemware and other wine cellar accessories can also be displayed here.

The Entryway to the Texas Wine Cellar

Texas wine cellar door_Williams closet wine cellar

Texas Wine Cellar Door_Williams Closet Wine Cellar

For the entryway, the client chose a Coto style door. This door style, which is found on our website, is a fully arched door.

However, we decided to make it square with arched glass. We incorporated wrought iron on top of the glass. The upper and lower portion of the wrought iron is operable, which means that it can be opened so the glass behind it can be cleaned easily.

Texas wine cellar door_operable wrought iron

Coto Style Custom Wine Cellar Door with Operable Wrought Iron

To add character to the door, we added a hand carved grape design in the center.

We constructed the entryway from knotty alder wood. This wood material adds a rustic feel to the room. It has knots that make the door more appealing.

To complement the existing cabinetry next to the wine cellar door we applied Chappo stain and lacquer. The handles and the lock were chosen from the hardware catalog on our website. The Williams selected the French Colonial Egg & Dart handle set and lock with an egg knob on the interior.

To ensure that the cellar is properly insulated, we installed the doorjamb, door, and case moldings. The glass is dual pane and tempered. The door is fully weather-stripped and features an automatic door bottom to seal the room.

Wine Cooling System

RM2600 wine cooling system for Williams Texas wine cellar

RM2600 Wine Cooling Unit by US Cellar Systems

Every wine cellar must be equipped with a  climate control system. We chose an RM2600 ductless split wine cooling unit by US Cellar Systems. The evaporator or fan coil is hidden within a grill cover and box, which matches the wooden wine racks.

The left wall of the room is an exterior wall to the back of the home. This is the perfect spot for the outdoor unit.

The Williams are enjoying their new wine cellar designed with form and function.

Transform a Small Space Into Your Dream Wine Cellar

You’re dreaming of having a climate-controlled wine cellar in your home but you only have a small closet. Wine Cellar Specialists can turn it into an exceptional Texas wine cellar.

Call us now at +1 (866) 646-7089 to give your closet a make-over or get your own 3D wine cellar design package.

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