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Essential Furniture for Texas Wine Cellars

You want to build a wine cellar, or maybe you already have one, and you’re thinking about how to fill it (with more than your wine collection, that is). Texas wine cellars are more than the racks you put inside, and of course you will needs racks, because bottles of wine should be stored at a 15 degree angle to make sure the cork doesn’t dry out.

Adding Furniture to Your Texas Home Wine Cellar

Some wine enthusiasts invest in furniture to add a decorative touch to their wine rooms, enhance the wine drinking experience, provide convenient access to wines, or add a space for serving and decanting wine.

Wine Tables

wine cellar table

Functional Wooden Wine Table in a Texas Wine Cellar

Did you know that some modern wine cellars also have tables inside that can serve as a tasting station?

Or, in some homes, the wine cellar is where dinners begin and end. How fun, to select a bottle of wine out of your collection in front of the people who will enjoy it.

A wine table is similar to any other table in your home. However, remember, if your wine cellar is climate controlled, it will be approximately 55 degrees in the cellar.

You will probably not want to sit around your table while you casually drink your wine. You may use it to sit a case on when unpacking your wines. You may use it to sit your bottles on when selecting which wine to drink.

When you pick a wine table, look for the same features as you would any other table. The table should be a comfortable height, size, and the material of your table should be sturdy and match the rest of the décor. It should hold up well in a high humidity. A wine table is not the place to splurge on bells and whistles. You don’t want your table to overwhelm the room.

Your table should compliment your racks, which should be easy, as most racks come in materials that tables also come in. If you are going with a modern look, then pick a wood or metal table that will look good next to metal wine racks.

wine barrel table

Eco-Friendly Wine Barrel Table

At Wine Cellar Specialists, they create wine tables made from wood or metal. For eco-friendly homeowners, a wine barrel table is recommended.

Since it provides a unique space for serving and tasting wines, hosting wine tasting parties can be more memorable.

Pairing furniture in your Texas wine cellar is as much art as it is science, and like pairing a good wine with a good meal, you should think about what you’re doing before starting out.

Wine Cellar Stools/Chairs

The table won’t be complete without some stools or chairs around it. These pieces of furniture can be made of hardwood or metal. Texas home wine cellar builders also recommend stools or chairs made of reclaimed wine barrels.

It is ideal that the material of your stools or chairs complement the wine racks.

It should also be chosen according to the size of your Texas wine cellar, your personal style and budget.

Wine-Rolling Ladders

Wine Cellar Rolling Ladder

Wine Cellar Rolling Ladder

Another furniture element to consider is installing a ladder, if your racks are high enough to warrant a ladder. Not only can a ladder make reaching those hard-to-reach bottles easy, but it can probably roll out of the way when not in use, leaving plenty of room to move around it.

Dragging a chair in each time you want to reach those top shelves isn’t really an option, nor should it be an option. Think about your current and future wine collection needs when designing your custom wine cellar, and when deciding how to furnish it.

Make sure the ladder will roll well on the flooring you pick for your cellar. Use a solid wood or tile floor when installing a ladder.

Pick the layout that will work and look the best for you. Remember, no two wine cellars are the same. Yours should reflect you and your collection.

At Wine Cellar Specialists, they offer straight and bent wine cellar ladders. They offer wood and metal library ladders. Wooden rolling ladders are made from quality hardwoods: Mahogany, Cherry, Birch, Alder, Red Oak, Maple, Walnut, or White Oak. The wood can be applied with your chosen stain, or can be left unfinished.

For the metal wine cellar ladders, you can choose between matte, white, gloss black, colored powder-coated, metallic beige, or standard milled aluminum finish.

Learn more about rolling ladders for Texas wine cellars.

Complement Your Wine Room with the Right Furniture

The furniture you use inside your wine cellar will depend on how large your wine cellar is as well as how many racks you have for wine. Keep in mind that your cellar should not only accommodate your current collection but also grow with you.

Furniture may get in the way of such growth, so make sure that you choose items that will work with your future needs. No matter the direction you go, your decisions should be right for you and your needs.

Need help? Wine Cellar Specialists can help find the furniture that will complement your wine storage space. Don’t have a Texas wine cellar yet? Contact Wine Cellar Specialists at +1 (866 ) 646-7089.

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