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Vintage View “Evolution Series” Contemporary Wine Racks

…for Contemporary Wine Displays

Azure-140DSCN1201-300x225 The new ‘Evolution Series‘ wine racks from Vintage View have arrived.  These new racks can be custom made to almost any width and or height. For example, you could have them fit one, two, three or four bottles wide and reach 7 or 8 ft. in height…..up to 10 ft

The ends of these Wine Racks can be made in steel with a powder coated finish (in nearly any color) or chrome plated if under 8’ high.  They can also be made of  acrylic in clear, frosted, or colored.  The tubes or rails the bottles rest on are chrome plated steel.  These wine racks are potentially ideal for Wine Stores, Residential Custom Wine Cellars, Commercial Wine Displays and indeed anyone wanting to create a wine cellar that has a very contemporary look.

These racks are now available in custom sizes.

Once these wine racks are formally launched they will come in standard sizes, right not though we can take orders for pretty much any size. For details or to get a price quote for your custom Evolution Series wine racks call 1-866-646-7089

Vintage View “Evolution Series” Wine Racks – Custom Wine Cellars – Wine Displays

Evolution Series Wine Racks

Click the link to download the spec sheet.

Evolution 4 Spec Sheet

Evolution 6 Spec Sheet

Evolution 8 Spec Sheet


New Custom Colors for Evolution Series


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