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What Type of Wine Rack is Best for Your Wine Collection?

More and more wine storage racks with different styles are being created and offered on the market. This may interest some wine enthusiasts, but can be bothersome for those who have difficulty choosing the best one for their storage needs.

Here at Wine Cellar Specialists, we offer various designs of custom wine racks to cater to different wine storage needs. Know which one suits your needs best.

Traditional Wine Racks

Our traditional wine racks offer the most design options. We offer them in 6’, 7’ and 8’ height, which are available in one-column to ten-column options.

You can choose our traditional wine racks with display rows if you want to showcase some of your favorite wines.

Cost-effective and stylish, our modular wine racks are actually Kessick Estate Design (KED) series. This type of wine rack features 4 groups of pre-designed wine racks, with each module having the same height (84 ¾ inches) and depth (12 inches), and varying widths. These modular wine racks include the following design configurations:

  • X-shaped wine storage binModular Wine Rack
  • Rectangular storage bin
  • Mahogany table top
  • Arched center
  • Hanging wine glass display
  • Display rows
  • Magnum bottle storage
  • Pre-installed lighting

Stackable Wood Wine Rack

If you want wine racks that can stand alone or be stacked on top of another, choose stackable wine racks. You can extend the height of a stackable wine rack by adding an extender rack.

Double deep wine racks have the same configurations as those of the traditional wine racks, except that they are

Double Deep Wood Wine Rack

23 inches deep. If you want to add more storage space in the future, you may purchase bin extenders or cubicle extenders separately.

We have also designed double deep wine racks for magnum and large Champagne bottles, as well as for split or half bottles.

Commercial Wine Rack

Commercial wine racks are specially created for wine storage at wine stores, wine bars, hospitality settings, restaurants and the like. The wine bottles are stored in such a way that the labels are easily readable and accessible, to allow buyers to determine their preferences.

Click here to view our wine racks gallery.

You may also check out one of our wine cellar projects installed in Atlanta, Georgia. We used various custom wine racks for this wine room, which produced a stunning result.

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