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All About Wood Wine Racks, Modular Kits, Stackable, Double Deep, Custom & Commercial

Wine Rack Kits – Do it yourself Custom Wine Cellars

What is the difference between kit wine racks and custom racking or “custom wine racks“? Can I use a combination of both?

Wooden Wine Rack Kits
Wine rack kits are specific sizes and styles of racking. They come in several types and wood species. There are certain modules available for each kit type and that is what you can choose from. They are the same high quality as all of our racking. The price is lower because the design is already designed and the racks are produced the same way each time. Kits are a great way to rack your room economically. Fillers and extenders can be added to help to create that “custom” feel.

Each of our racks is handcrafted with horizontal dado spacer bars and a 1 1/2″ toe-kick base to provide solid protection for your collection.

Don’t see what you want here? Check out our latest Ultra-Modern Wine Wall Racking Solutions.

Our bottle holders are the thickest and longest in the industry. We hand sand the edges so your bottle labels stay intact, and we use both staples and glue to firmly attach the bottle holders in place. 3 3/4 inch bottle cubicles for bottle access fits all standard wine bottles. Wine Rack Kits come in Single and Double Deep, Quarter Round, “X” & Rectangular Bin and Solid Lattice and many more variations. Moldings, extenders and top shelf options are sold separately.

Custom Wine Racks
Custom racking is exactly what it says. It is customized to fit your room. No matter what the height or size, we can create custom wine racks to fit. Some of the most beautiful wine cellars are custom designed and manufactured. Waterfall racks, peninsulas, horizontal racks, rolling case storage, carved columns, and more. If you want your racking to ceiling height… and your ceilings are high… what about a rolling library ladder? Reclaimed wine barrel flooring and counter-tops. If you or your Wine Cellar Specialist can dream it up… we can make it.

>>>See this spectacular AWARD WINNING custom wine room with racks. 

You can live with mostly kits… but you have an idea that won’t go away. It requires custom racking. Yes, we can do a combination of kits and custom. You can help to keep the pricing down with the kits but still get that special touch with a custom area.