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Wooden Wine Cellar Racks – A Wine Collector’s Best Friend

Wine racks are a wine collector’s best friend. Why?  Because they house your most loved wines while they mature to perfection. With this in mind, whether you have a dedicated wine cellar or a more limited storage space, you know you want to get the best wine racks there are for your wine collection.

Wine is a type of beverage that’s very delicate and needs careful handling to preserve its quality for a long period of time. This makes wine racks a necessity for most, (if not all) wine collectors and those in the wine retail business.

Wooden wine racks are by far the most popular type of wine storage furniture. There are a lot of characteristics that make wooden wine racks ideal, not just for wine storage in dedicated custom wine cellars, but for proper wine aging as well anywhere in the home.

First is the customizability of wooden wine racks. You may start with a small wooden wine rack and as your collection grows in number, you add extra wine storage spaces such as wine bins, wine cubicles or an additional wine rack to match your existing wine rack. This allows you to spend on only what you need at the moment, and invest later on additional storage spaces.


Wine Rack - Curved Corner

Curved Corner Wine Rack

Second are the great design options. There are different types of wooden wine racks and the most in demand are Pine Wine Racks, Mahogany Wine Racks and Redwood Wine Racks. Here at Wine Cellar Specialists, we offer these three types of wood wine racks in different sizes, designs, shapes and stain.

Each type of wood has its special features and benefits depending on the way it will be used. You do not want to use pine in a climate controlled wine cellar as pine does not hold up as well in colder temperatures and high humidity as redwood or mahogany would.

Pine is mainly for storage at room temperatures in your home or in a commercial wine store.

Mahogany is best if you want us to add stain to the racks. It has a smoother grain and takes stain well.

Redwood comes in two varieties. All Heart Redwood and Premium Redwood. The all heart redwood is from the heart, or center, of the redwood tree and is a rich reddish color throughout. Premium redwood is from the outer edge of the tree and is a light color with reddish streaks. If stain is added to the premium redwood, the result will be a more streaked stained look.

Third is cost-efficiency. Our pine, redwood and mahogany wine racks are certified to be very cost-efficient because of their abundance and availability. They are distinct from each other in terms of wood properties, appearance, durability, resources and cost. The best wooden wine racks do not necessarily have to be the most expensive ones.

The rule in choosing wine racks is to value quality over price. Cheaper wine racks do not mean that they have inferior qualities. Pine wine racks, for example, are cheaper compared to redwood and mahogany wine racks, but the manufacturing quality is still high. Your choice of wood should be based upon where the racks will ultimately rest and your preference at to the final look.

When compelled to choose between wood wine racks and metal wine racks, always remember that the former is more versatile than the latter with the ability to add capacity and to create racks to fit most spaces.

Fourth is beauty. Wooden wine racks can be mixed and matched with the traditional look of your homes or wine store while projecting elegance to the room. They can be made enhance your décor or to blend into the background in a regular room or be completely stunning in a purpose built custom wine cellar.  We can add stain colors to the racks and/or add lacquer to give them a beautiful furniture finish.

Whether your style is contemporary, traditional or antique, whether you have a small space under the stairs, in the corner of a room, or are even able to convert a whole room into a wine cellar, there’s a wooden wine rack ideal for you!

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