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Woods Custom Wine Cellars Memphis Tennessee

Woods Custom Wine Cellars Memphis Tennessee (A Processed Video Transcription)

Woods’ Custom Wine Cellars Memphis Tennessee

Wine Cellars Memphis Tennessee

Wine Cellars Memphis Tennessee

I’d like to take you on a tour of the Woods Wine Cellars Memphis Tennessee. This is a very unique cellar. You are looking at the completed project looking through the front windows. This cellar is a combination of custom and kit wine racks as well as metal racking. We’re going to start out with the drawings.

This is the overhead view or the plan view of the wine cellars Memphis Tennessee. You see that it can hold a total of 1,381 bottles. You are looking at the front wall here, the elevation B, the back wall is elevation A, the left is C and the right is elevation D.

We’re going to move on and show you elevation A. We used kit wine racks on the bottom. These are solid diamond bins. This is a support rack on each side where the side racks are positioned.

Above you see the metal racking. We use three-foot tall metal racks on the two sides. The center is a big bottle rack which holds four big bottles: three and six-liter bottles. The customer decided to put a granite table top along this back wall in place of the wooden one that we have drawn in.

We’re going to move on to elevation B. Elevation B is up at the front. You have a window above so we have a small table top above, we have solid X-bins and a horizontal display row on the end finishing it off.

You’ll notice that each of our racks are 12 1/4 inch deep in order to  fit the depth as the kit wine racks that we used in parts of the wine cellar. Elevation C on the left wall, again were using a solid diamond bin with case storage.

We have a table top above and metal racking above that. Again these bottles are three deep.

Wine Cellar Design - Wine Cellars Memphis Tennessee

Wine Cellar Design – Wine Cellars Memphis Tennessee

On the right wall, elevation D, this is all wooden racking. It is floor to ceiling. We have a 3 7/8 inch high two-step crown and a four-inch high base adding a bit of elegance to the racking. This again is all custom racking.

We have four display rows: a high reveal display row and three low reveal display rows. Each of these has a light valance above so that LED ribbon lighting can be added.

Moving on here you’ll see the overhead view. This is again the back wall and the right wall. You can also see we have horizontal racking here going up at the end of this row so that is shown to the front window.

Here is the back wall and the left wall. Here we have a view from the front, a view from the back and looking back in through the window. Now this view here is very similar to what you’re seeing here looking through the windows.

We’re going to move on to some of the completed pictures. You have the left wall here totally completed. You’ll know, well you can’t see it very well here, but this is a wooden table top and here it just hid the granite table top in the back. There you can see the granite table top a little better.

Kit Wine Racks - Combination of Metal and Wooden Wine Racks in Premiu Redwood

Kit Wine Racks – Combination of Metal and Wooden Wine Racks in Premium Redwood

Here is the left wall again. You’re looking here at the front section. You can kind of see the ends of the bottle sticking out on the horizontal rack that’s on the end here and this is the horizontal rack down the side.

These kit wine racks are all done in an unfinished Premium Redwood. It goes very well with the stone, flooring and wall that Mr. Woods decided to add to his cellar. Here you’re seeing the left wall with the solid bins and the horizontal racks.

What you’re looking at here is where the air is coming in to cool this cellar. We have a vent in the ceiling. Rather than using a split system, we used a Cellar Pro 4200 BSI which sits on the garage next door and the air is ducted into the cellar. In the back you can see the vent where the return air goes out.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tour of the Woods Wine Cellars Memphis Tennessee. This was all supplied by the Wine Cellar Specialists.

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