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Glass Wine Cellar Doors – Important Component in Wine Storage

Custom Wine Cellar Door by Wine Cellar SPecialists

Custom Wine Cellar Door by Wine Cellar SPecialists

The entryway door of a wine cellar space is an important component of proper wine storage.  It helps maintain the ideal climate conditions for storing and aging wines by keeping cool air in and warm air out.  Regular doors are not suited to the task of securing the climate controlled environment of a wine room.  Hence, wine cellar doors should be manufactured from premium grade materials and must have superior sealing quality.

To effectively maintain the right amount of temperature and humidity inside a wine room, custom wine cellar doors should have weather stripping on all four sides and along their jambs.  Entrance doors to a wine enclave should also include an automatic door bottom that will help prevent cool air from escaping.

The function of a wine cellar entryway door is not only to protect wines from harmful external environmental factors, but also to add an enticing visual appeal to a storage space.  Although wine cellar doors come in a range of styles, they can be custom made to suit personal taste and design preferences of clients as well.

Glass Wine Cellar Doors

Glass Wine Cellar Doors

Wine room doors are made from a combination of various elements.  Entryway doors with wrought iron allow for stylish, intricate patterns that lend a romantic appeal, while those that are created from solid wood with decorative carvings provide a more traditional and elegant appearance.  A fusion of a modern and contemporary entryway is conveyed by glass wine cellar doors.

Glass Wine Cellar Doors - Wood's Wine Cellar Project

Glass Wine Cellar Doors – Wood’s Wine Cellar Project

Glass is an attractive construction material for custom wine cellar doors because of its timeless appeal, and its ability to enhance the overall appearance of a wine storage space.  Whether it is combined with metal, wood, or other materials, it never fails to create a stunning wine cellar entryway door.

The use of insulated glass is highly recommended, because it helps keep wine cellar doors insulated and provides them with efficient protection against condensation.  Insulated glass units are comprised of two or more glass panes that are hermetically sealed along the sides, leaving an air space in between.  The sealed air space creates a thermal break that improves thermal performance of the glass material.

Double glazed and insulated glass is sealed with silicon adhesives that provide the material with excellent structural integrity.  Another advantage of using insulated glass units is their soundproofing properties.  Noise and vibration can stir up sediments inside a wine bottle that can negatively impact the development of its taste and flavor.

Combined Glass and Wood Wine Cellar Doors

Combined Glass and Wood Wine Cellar Doors

Another beneficial aspect of insulated glass is its low heat emissivity, which is responsible for reducing heat transfer through glass panes.  Low-E glass helps prevent exposure of wines from damaging ultraviolet rays.  This feature also minimizes energy costs, because it reduces the amount of cooling energy required to maintain the desired wine cellar environment.

Custom wine cellar doors manufactured from insulated glass units create an enticing portal to a wine cellar space.  It allows collectors to showcase not only their wine collectibles, but also their elegant wine cellar décor.   Adding custom etchings and paintings to glass wine cellar doors provides a personalized look and at the same time increases the aesthetic value of a wine room.

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